The handi bus isn’t just for those in Grant—and other info you can learn in the Post


By Becky Uehling

PCP Publisher

The handi bus in Perkins County is a wonderful service and living in rural America we are lucky to have it. The bus isn’t just for the elderly either. It is for anyone who needs transportation services in the county. Yes, the whole county. 

Did you know that? Well, some people in the Elsie community, I found out the other night at their town hall meeting, did not know this, but this is about to change.

Thanks to Elsie’s village clerk, Joy, and the village’s council members, the handi bus staff is going to go down to Elsie for a meet and greet, which will take place on April 11 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in front of the village office building. The nice handi bus ladies are even going to bring refreshments.  

Collaboration and communication in small towns is almost vital to our surviving and thriving. We may be small, but we are mighty together, but not unless we communicate.

 Municipalities can have great services for their citizens, but if the citizens don’t know about them, the services might as well not even be there. A business might have great products for sale and other great services, but if their customers don’t know about this, both the business and the customer will lose. 

Elsie is combating this knowledge gap for their citizens by creating a community newsletter that they will start sending out with their monthly water bill. The village is using it to help its citizens to stay connected with each other and serve as a store-house of information that those living in the Village of Elsie might need to know. Kudos to Elsie!

  As I was sitting with the Elsie people admiring their newsletter I couldn’t help but think that, in a way, the Post is like a newsletter for all of Perkins County. Because the Post is mailed to everyone in Perkins County, and to our friends in the Wallace community and in southern Keith County, the Post is a great way for everyone to communicate with friends and neighbors. Be it a project that your club is doing that you share through an article, or a new service or product at your business you share through advertising, the Post can take your message to those in the area who benefit from hearing it. 

Social media has its place, but fleeting news posts may not be seen by everyone before being sucked into the feed. But the tangible, longstanding mode of the newspaper reaches people like no other, connecting us, educating us, and entertaining us in a way no other medium can. Let the Post be your newsletter in Perkins County. Call us today to learn how.  

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