Village of Madrid donates funds to PC programs

By Becky Uehling 

PCP Publisher 

The Village of Madrid unanimously made a decision to give the Perkins County 4-H program and the Perkins County Animal Shelter each $500 from the village’s Keno funds during its regular monthly meeting on June 11. 

Throughout each year, the village is able to give out $5,000 in donations, much of it Keno funds, which is generated from the Keno machine at The Bar in Madrid, said Village Clerk Angela Hanson. 

“Our Keno funds are used for community development as well as donations,” Hanson said. 

Some of the other projects completed within the community thanks to Keno funds include adding ADA sidewalks in the village park and shelter, as well as a seating area in the shelter to accommodate wheelchairs. Yearly donations also go to the following county groups: youth basketball, after prom party, youth soccer, 4-H, chamber fireworks and the animal shelter. 


The Village board heard from Tamara Maddox during the meeting about her concerns regarding a damaged tree on her property line. She asked the village if they would split the cost of removing the tree with her. The board unanimously approved the request. 


The village’s health board gave an update on violations within the village. According to Hanson, all of the five who has received a notice for violations for mowing/ weeds are now in compliance. Out of four notices that were sent out for violations other than mowing, including, but not limited to, dangerous buildings, old appliances on properties, unlicensed or abandoned vehicles, etc., only two properties still remain out of compliance. These properties are located in the 400 block of South Ford Ave., and in the 100 block of South Forbes Ave. The board unanimously made the decision to turn the two remaining properties over to the village’s attorney to be dealt with. 

The Village of Madrid’s next board meeting will be Monday, July 9 At 7:30 p.m.

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