Former Grant resident transforms appearance, life and lives of others with weight training

By Shari Friedel 

PCP Production Mgr 

To see former Perkins County resident Scott Wood as he appears now, it’s hard to believe that as a young teenager, his favorite pastime was playing video games. As a student in Grant in the early 2000s, Scott, a self-proclaimed “nerd,” never gave much thought to physical activity. That is until the father of a girl he was dating remarked that he was “awfully scrawny.” This offhand comment marked a turning point in Scott’s life, as he embarked on what would become his obsession: bodybuilding. 

First, he purchased a home fitness setup and enlisted the help of Perkins County alum Mitch McCloskey for guidance. After a few months, he took it up a notch and joined Image Total Fitness in Grant, where he said he received lots of support from Kevin Poppe. 

With a very academic and scientific approach to weight training, Scott has gained knowledge from books and online message boards, and just plain trial and error. “Nothing has taught me more than changing parts of my routine to see what the results may be,” he said. 

In the years since he first began in 2004, he has participated in power lifting, has entered a few bodybuilding contests, and even now is continuing to try to grow and gain “good” weight, or lean muscle weight. 


Scott has taken his expertise in weight training and turned it into a career as a trainer working with clients wanting to improve their fitness level. During high school, he moved to Great Bend, Kan. with his mom Cindi, and spent the next several years working at, and working out at, local gyms. By 2011, he decided he had built up enough clientele to strike out on his own, and he opened up a training studio which he also named “Image Total Fitness.” 

“The thing I strive for every day is to consistently improve my clients’ lives,” he said. “Whether that is from weight loss, strength gain, increased mobility, or just overall health, I always want something to be improving, I want people to feel like the time and money they spend here training is worth their effort.” 

He refers to his business as a personal training studio, where every member has scheduled appointments, but can use the cardio equipment any time. “This enables us to have a private atmosphere, which people who are just getting started with fitness really enjoy.” 


For anyone wanting to improve their fitness level, Scott recommends taking it slowly. “It is better to make a series of small changes over a longer duration than to try to make your body do a complete 180 degree flip,” he said. “The clients I’ve had that attempt the ‘all or nothing’ approach start out super good but burn out quick.” He suggests, “One week drop out pop and liquid calories or excessive high calorie coffee drinks, then the next find another small change to make and so on. Adding even a small amount of walking (15 minutes per day or so) coupled with the above change can dramatically change your body.” 

Scott receives high praise from his clients, like Pam who said, “Since beginning my training with Scott at ITF, my health and life have vastly improved. Scott is dedicated to his clients, and his knowledge of nutrition and fitness is most impressive. This is not a gym that turns you loose with just a few instructions. Scott is by your side every minute of your training, with guidance and encouragement.” 

Another client, Carol, said, “Scott is committed to helping you become committed to yourself and your workouts. He is a motivator and knows what you need when you need it.” 

“I’m so glad that Scott has found his calling and loves what he does,” said Scott’s mom. “He has helped so many get healthier and stronger, lose weight and actually incorporate exercise into their lives—including his mom.” Cindi has dropped100 pounds in the last four years under her son’s guidance. 


Scott has a 24-hour a day, seven-day a week commitment to weight training, and even admits to “going off the deep end,” with it, dedicating almost every aspect of his life to bodybuilding. Sundays are spent on food prep for the week: 10 lbs. of chicken, five lbs. of ground 

Former Grant resident transforms appearance, life 

and lives of others with weight training 

turkey, five lbs. of ground beef and lots of rice, for eight daily protein-packed meals. He makes sure he gets plenty of sleep every night to fully recover for the next day’s workout. 

His workout routine includes four two-hour training sessions per week for six weeks. He varies the routine day to day with low and high repetitions. The seventh week is a light week; week eight he takes off, then starts the routine over again the following week. He also gets two hours of walking in every day with his dog. 

To say that Scott took a casual remark to heart and set out to prove himself would be a bit of an understatement. With intense devotion to his craft, Scott continually proves that with hard work, knowledge and dedication, a person can make dramatic changes in their life. 


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