Clough brothers from Wallace band together for love of racing

Trio has loved cars since childhood

By Kylie Rucker 

PCP Contributor 

The Clough brothers of Wallace, Neb. are gearing up for this racing season. 

The three brothers, Kyle, 28, Brandon, 27, and Tanner, 20, each have their own car they race. Kyle drives a stock car, Brandon drives a modified car, and Tanner with a hobby stock car.

They’ve been racing since they were just boys, beginning around the age of seven, “Or as soon as our parents let us,” the boys laughed. At the age of 16, they started racing in the International Motor Contest Association, IMCA. 

On a weekly basis, the Cloughs race at Holyoke, North Platte, and Lexington. Kyle and Brandon both attend the annual IMCA Super Nationals in Boone, Iowa in September along with over 800 other cars. They also race in Kansas often, and look forward to the Dundy County Fair Race every year. 

“We love racing as a family,” the boys chimed. “It’s something that we all enjoy and can bond over.” 

Their parents attend all of their races. Along with racing on the weekends, the boys farm together during the week. “So we spend a lot of time together,” they gladly say. 

The Clough boys want to thank all of their sponsors in Perkins County and Lincoln County and encourage all locals to support their local race track along with stopping by their trailer after the races. 

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