An Easter Poem

By Roxie Lampmann

Grant, Nebraska

The week before Easter a long time ago, Jesus rides a donkey with its colt in tow. The crowd waves palm branches high overhead, proclaiming their Savior, “Hallelujah,” they said. 

The next day is not a good day for Him. When He visits the Temple, He feels the chagrin of His Father’s house littered, the place is a mess! With bankers and vendors, cheating others, no less! His anger is vented, He’ll have none of that, as tables are upturned and the critters scat. 

“This Temple is not a house for you thieves, it’s God’s house for praying,” as Jesus perceives. His last week is spent teaching His friends. There’s so much to learn before His life ends. 

The disciples are eager, they hang on each word. Parables from Jesus, The Master, they heard. 

Then Thursday arrives and the Passover meal is shared by all with a finality feel. He blessed the bread, then broke it and shared, “This is my body for your unimpaired,” The cup is blessed, too, then passed all around. “My blood, a new contract, God’s love will abound.” 

Jesus prays in the garden, his anguish is real as He speaks to His Father and makes His appeal. He knows what He must do, He’s known from the start. God’s will is determined, Jesus must do His part. 

Betrayal comes quickly, see Judas’ kiss? Denial by Peter, disciples amiss? The trial isn’t lengthy, for He’s done nothing wrong, yell, “crucify, crucify!” is the crowd’s song. 

The cross is quite heavy, the nails hold Him fast. Midst the mocking and jeering, how long will He last? When it’s finally over and He’s breathing no more, He’s laid in a tomb and some guards watch the door. 

Come Sunday the women arrive at first light. But the angel that greets them gives them a fright! “Fear not,” he said, “For Jesus isn’t here. He’s risen as He said, tell the others He’s near.” 

As we look to our Savior and the love that He gives, the sacrifice He made so that we might live, the sins He covered by His death on a tree, can we still deny Him or be set free? 

I pray that our lives will be rearranged and our hearts, now with Jesus, will be changed. Let’s thank Him forever, with a loving heart, for taking our place, for doing His part.  

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