What is main street saying?

Dear Editor:

Recently, I counted vehicles passing by on Central Avenue in Grant. In five minutes, 28 went by. If this was typical traffic, this translates to 336 vehicles traveling main street every hour, and 2,688 in an eight-hour span. This means that, conservatively speaking, at least 2,000 people a day are formulating an opinion of Grant based on what they see on main street. Some may be seeing our town for the first time ever. Are they getting a favorable impression? Does what they see say, “We take pride in our town”? In many locations, yes. In some, let’s just say there’s room for improvement.

I and other community members are interested in a downtown improvement plan. Want to join us? Contact me via the Perkins County Post.

Shari Friedel, Grant

Perkins County Post

P.O. Box 751
Grant, NE 69140