WANTED: TeamMates Mentors

Dear Editor:

Although the 2018-19 school year is a summer away, we need mentors for the dozen or more new mentees that have indicted they want to be part of the mentoring program at PC Schools. We don’t want to disappoint them because the program is very popular here and across the State of Nebraska. It is a good program for the students that choose to participate. If you talk to the mentors, you will find that the program is also good for them. Early applications show that we will have nine boys or more and at least four girls that will be new to the program. With those numbers we are in need of more men to be involved in the program. 

This is a program designed for all students, not just a select group, but everyone. The idea is to put another kind, caring adult in the life of a student. The program isn’t replacing existing adults, but just trying to enhance the student’s life. Consider spending 30 minutes a week to possibly impact a student’s life forever. 

The application process has changed and now it needs to be done online for the program. Below is the procedure for making the application. If you have questions, please contact me, Larry Pritchett, TeamMates Coordinator for PCS, by email: larry.pritchett@perkinscountyschools.org. The TeamMates Mentoring program has proven to be an outstanding tool in improving a student’s school and life experience. Please consider being a part of TeamMates. 

Larry Pritchett, Grant

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