The nobility of taking action

By Becky Uehling 

PCP Publisher 

Isn’t it just easier to go about your day with blinders on? You know what I mean. Going about your day without “getting involved” with causes or people who may need a little bit of help in this world. We have all been there, at the end of that volunteer call where we polity excuse ourselves because we are too busy, too tired, too oblivious to the real needs around us, or because we simply don’t feel that we can really make a difference. Oh, how wrong we are. 

Two women in Grant decided to take their blinders off, step out of their routine, and do something to help one of the vulnerable populations in our society–foster children. Stephanie Palu and Melissa Dolezal should be commended for their decision to voluntarily spend their time and money to make the tremendous emotional, mental and financial strain on foster children and the families who care for them a little easier. We should all be so bold in our actions. I encourage our readers to consider supporting the Hope for the Helpless program the women have started. Read about the women’s story and how to help in the article on Page 3 of this issue.

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