Let the council decide

By Becky Uehling

PCP Publisher

It is concerning when an elected body of the citizens of a community can not hear and formally act upon questions, concerns and requests from its citizens because issues can not get to them to be heard. 

This is what is happening at the City of Grant. Citizens are having a hard time getting on the Grant City Council agenda because it is being determined by the city superintendent what is and is not deemed to be worthy to put on the agenda. Why is this happening?

I know of several people and groups who have made attempts to get on the agenda of the Grant City Council, but have been told they, or their issue, would not be put on the agenda, for various reasons. However, I will speak specifically about the Perkins County Aquatic Committee, who is working toward establishing either an updated pool or new pool in the City of Grant. Repeated requests by the committee to get on the agenda to update the council of their work have all been denied by the city superintendent, who, I should remind you, is not an elected official. 

People should be able to get on the agenda at the City of Grant, with the council being given a chance to hear, debate and act upon information and requests from its citizens—the people who elected them to be their representatives. The city superintendent should not be able to choke off reasonable requests to appear before the council by refusing to put topics on the agenda. 

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